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The Campaigner Issue 20 is Now Available

Sure, we're bringing you gaming news every hour, but what about in-between those hours? If you want to fill up your day with even more gaming, there's those great gaming magazines out there. And The Campaigner has come out with issue 20 that you can download and check out, for free, so why not give it a read-over?

In this issue:

Take command of your world! Issue 20 of The Campaigner powers up.
This issue we look at Rise To Power, Rule & Make’s first game. We talk to Allen Chang, one of the designers, and discover how and why the team brought the PRISM collecting strategy game to players. Alvin Cheng from LudiCreations talks about Steal This Game, and the tragic circumstance which prompted the titles inception. Author of the new book Rise of the Dungeon Master, David Kushner, discusses the inspirations behind the fascinating graphic novel. Five years on, we take a look at what the first game The Campaigner ever featured has been up too. All this plus Worlds of Roleplay, Featured Hobbyist Martin Evans, news and much more.
Check out Issue 20 by downloading the free PDF or ordering a print-on-demand copy.