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The Campaigner Issue 19 Now Available

We continue with our block of magazine release news posts with The Campaigner. Filled with a little of this and a little of that, from RPGs to board games to training your undead, there's a lot in these pages.

From the release:

Are you hungry? Issue 19 of The Campaigner may just quell that hunger.
This issue features Phil Walker-Harding’s hit game Sushi Go! He talks about where the idea came from, and how it went from crowdfunding to be published by Gamewright. For over a decade Bruno Cathala has been responsible for many enjoyable games. The game design legend takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk about his career and game design methodology. For those who enjoy making or fiddling with things, it can be an obsession. A collection of hobbyists talk about how, and why, they customised some of their favourite tabletop games. Jamey Stegmaier answers questions on Stonemaier Games decision to leave Kickstarter and pre-orders. All this plus Worlds of Roleplay, news and much more.
You don’t need to wait. Issue 19 is ready NOW to download for free, or purchase a print-on-demand copy.