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The Campaigner Issue 17 Now Available

I've not been feeling well much of the weekend. Yesterday I even went to the doctor. Now, my choices in the waiting room were months-old issues of Car & Driver and Esquire... or I could just read one of my gaming magazines that I've got. Thank you digital editions. That includes The Campaigner, whose issue 17 is now available.

This issue features the steampunk strategy board game COGZ. Game designer Wesley Lamont talks about creating the game and the challenge of making something simultaneously simple and complex. AVCon makes another appearance, with a photo gallery and rundown of the recent event. Guest writer Tony Pettersen takes over Worlds of Roleplay, and provides some insight into creating an RPG. All this plus Terrain Crusade, Haiku Warrior, and much more.

As always, it's free to download, or you can order a print-on-demand copy.