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The Campaigner Issue 14 Now Available

Nothing better than sitting in a comfy chair with a warm cup of cocoa and reading about some gaming on a cold, winter's evening. Granted, it's only getting down to like the 40s overnight right now here in Atlanta, and I don't have a "comfy chair" in my apartment (I do have a nice sofa, though), but that doesn't mean you won't find me with a cup of cocoa and reading about gaming. One of the things I can read is The Campaigner Issue 14, which is now available for your downloading and reading pleasure.

Considering I'm big into cooking, this is definitely one I'm looking forward to reading, as they feature Tiny Teddies Go To War. There's also some info about creating Fantasy terrain details, a couple sets of photos from ConCentric, and a chat with Hamish Sterling about Pocket Sports. All that and more, free to download, or you can order a print-on-demand copy.