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The Campaigner Issue 12 Now Available

You can now go and download a copy of The Campaigner Issue 12 for your own reading pleasure. The download's free, so why not check it out? You'll get a bunch of really neat articles on a variety of topics. Or, if you want, you can get a print-on-demand version. Either way, there's good stuff to read inside. "Like what?" you ask.

To start off, Isaac Vega gives a look at the design of Dead of Winter. Then there's an interview with Aaron Lim of the Action Points! podcast about what it's like to run the show. Fans of Mexican wrestling games will want to read about El Luchador Fantastico Grande from Al Caynes. Gil Vazquez will also give you a look at dealing with large scale models and making them look their best. There's more than that, but I'm sure I've got you interested enough to go check it out.