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The Campaigner Issue 10 released

The Campaigner has released issue 10 of their magazine for your downloading and reading pleasure. This issue includes Syrinscape creator Benjamin Loomes talking about his soundboard. There's reports from a couple conventions (ConCentric and PAXAus '14). The Creative Challenge with Mark Soley is back. That and more within those electronic pages.


From the release:

The end of 2014 is almost here. What better way to begin winding down the year than with Issue 10 of The Campaigner?

This issue Tom Rolland talks to Rob Alderman about Warzone Resurrection, and how Prodos Games revived this old franchise. Syrinscape creator Benjamin Loomes tells us about his RPG soundboard, and why you shouldn’t be without it. We look at ConCentric and PAXAus 2014, and offer up a small selection of photos of each event. The Creative Challenge returns, with special guest commentary by renowned painter Mark Soley. All this plus Terrain Crusade, Gamer Dad, Worlds of Roleplay and more.

So what are you waiting for? Hop onto the issue page and download the PDF, or order your print copy now.