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The Brigade Fantasy Firefighting Game Up On Kickstarter

"Sometimes you just gotta burn down a warehouse."
That's a phrase that an old gaming group I was part of used often due to some... occurrences in the game. You know, we don't think about it, but in a world with fireballs and fire-breathing dragons and buildings with thatched roofs, there's going to be fires. And those fires need to be gotten under control. That's what you're trying to do in The Brigade, where players take on the role of competing fire chiefs looking to save the town of Tinderbox from the fire spreading from the Pyromancer's Academy. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Welcome to Tinderbox...

Where a magical fire storm has appeared above the Pyromancers University and fireballs are raining down on the city.

Take control one of four rival fire wardens and build up your brigade to protect the citizens of Tinderbox.

Putting out fires will earn the loyalty of the townsfolk and see you elected to the position of Fire Chief of Tinderbox, and win the game.

The Town of Tinderbox is represented by a grid of unique location tiles randomly placed around the Pyromancers University. Each player starts in a fire house on one corner of the board.

The Kickstarter is a little more than half-funded with still 29 days left to go.