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The Borg and The Undead Alchemist -- The Board Game Show Releases Episode 3

The Board Game Show has episode 3 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Episode 3 of The Board Game Show podcast features an interview with the great Richard Borg to discuss one of his more recent works, Samurai Battles! In Warfare with Jeff, we talk about the art of the man cave, game bunkers and the importance of setting the stage for game night. We introduce a new regular feature, Painting with Mike, where we help you get started painting your miniatures. We feature a review of D-Day Dice, and how badly we just want to fire back at those bunkers! We also bring you 30-Second Review, yet another new, regular feature on the show. And finally, we explore the alchemy of the undead in our popular segment, Cocktails with Ash Green.

Be sure to check out all this and more on the third installment of The Board Game Show. Let’s begin now, shall we?