The Book of Terniel, a Pathfinder RPG Adventure on Kickstarter

The City of Brass is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Book of Terniel, a new Pathfinder-compatible RPG adventure book.

Book of Terniel


From the campaign:

The City of Brass, an Embers Design Studios, LLC logo, launched their first Kickstarter project today. They are seeking to raise US$500 to fund The Book of Terniel a Pathfinder-compatible adventure written by industry newcomer Lucas Curell. The funding period will run for thirty days ending August 31.

The Book of Terniel is written for 1st-level characters and includes dozens of encounters and adventure sites that players can explore. GMs should expect several gaming sessions to complete the module.

The adventure is beautifully illustrated by artists Stephen Garrett Rusk, Monica Marie Doss and Martin Paz Romero.