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The Board Game show takes on the Mob

The Board Game Show takes a look at the Mob Town board game and gives you their thoughts on the subject.


From the review:

Mob Town is coming to Kickstarter January 31. The Board Game Show has a preview:

In the 1920’s mafia families began waging war against one another for control of lucrative bootlegging operations, but when that ended, it was time to diversify. All manner of businesses would quickly become fronts for illegal activities.

Not unlike this period in history, the card game Mob Town has players waging turf wars over the most lucrative businesses and control of three towns over the course of the game. Despite the theme, don’t expect violent hit men, illicit drug rings and prostitution. This is a game you can play with your kids or grandparents, and that has everything to do with game designer Danny Devine’s deft hand at crafting a game that is remarkably balanced and accessible...