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The Board Game Show Releases Episode 10

The Board Game Show has posted episode 10 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

Episode 10 of The Board Game Show features an interview with Grid-Hammer designer, Leeron Webb. Scott Bogen reviews Kingdom Builder and explains how it can occasionally save face in nerdy conversations. Scott also shares his experience as a weapons officer in Space Cadets and gives us a brief first-impressions report of 1775: Rebellion. In our Warfare segment, Soviet tanks stream into West Germany in1980?s-worst-nightmare style. That’s right, Kevin Sharp shares his experience with Eisenbach Gap Deluxe, World at War. Our very own Rob Huber identifies key game elements and board games that should appeal to a table surrounded by non-gamers. (People hang out with non-gamers?) And we travel to Japan of all places for the best-kept secrets of the Rob Roy cocktail. Shhh. All this and more in episode 10 of The Board Game Show!

Let’s begin now, shall we?