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The Board Game Show Podcast Releases Episode 9

The Board Game Show has posted episode 9 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

In episode 9 of The Board Game Show, Awesome In The Pants, Scott Bogen interviews the designer of Blocks In The East, Emanuele Santandrea. Kevin Sharpe from The Big Board wargaming Website joins the Warfare team. Scott, Ash and a special guest discuss the gin and tonic and its place in British colonial history.

Also featured are reviews of Letters from Whitechapel and Railways Express. Scott also talks about Gen Con, including Dungeon Dice, Storm Hollow, Firefly: The Game, The Walking Dead: The Best Defense, two chaps named Andy, and an unfortunate encounter with Wil Wheaton.

And finally, a 78-year-old iron becomes a cat! All this and more in episode 9 of The Board Game show... Let's begin now, shall we?