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The Bloodied Hooves Adventure Available For Ponyfinder

The Bloodied Hooves is the 3rd part in the To Found an Empire adventure series. It picks up right from where the previous adventure, The Gem Gnoll War, though you don't have to have played that in order to make use of the book. It's designed for 3-7 characters of around 5th level. You can pick up your copy now.

From the release:
A Ponyfinder Campaign for a group of fifth level adventurers with all party sizes from 3 to 7 supported. This module contains enough material for a good number of normal length adventuring sessions and will allow your players to gain two levels as they play through it.

The Bloodied Hooves continues from where events in The Gem Gnoll War left off. You can play this module without playing the others first but you will get the most out of To Found an Empire by playing them through in order. The Kingdom has been peaceful for a few precious years but now new threats are stirring both within and without. Our heroes will need to face many new foes and uncover old mysteries as they attempt to unravel the plots that threaten their home.