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The Black Ocean website update for version 2 of Firestorm Armada

The Black Ocean has done a bit of updating to make sure they're current with Version 2 of Firestorm Armada.

Welcome fans of Firestorm Armada. With the recent release of the version 2 hardback rulebook we felt it was a time for change on our website too. We have changed a few things around and updated some of your favorites.

First I like to turn your attention to the new Resources section. There you will find some familiar documents updated to their spanking new v2 versions. The Combined Ship Stat Cards puts together all the current ships in the new rulebook with some corrections and adds the just released optional Retro-MARs in an indexed easy to read format. The two fleet construction documents for the Alliance of Kurak and the Zenian League have shiny new paint and alongside of those there are a few new documents.

There are new Custom Ship Submission Forms (in Word and Adobe PDF) so you can type up your custom ships and send those to The Black Ocean. They will be added to our Ship Cards - Player Made Ships as soon as that gets updated to v2. Answers from Spartan Games compiles the current official answers to rule questions from the new rules and of course we have our player made content back. That section will grow as the authors update their documents to the new rules.

The Vault now contains the new pdf’s that are in the download section from the Spartan Games website. This includes excerpts from the new rulebook so those of you who are thinking about purchasing the v2 rules use this section to help you make the final decision (buy that book!). The brand new, player demanded optional Retro-MARs mentioned above are mirrored here too.

So where did all that great Firestorm Armada version 1 content go? To our new section, Archives. This section contains all of the previous player made content, Firestorm Armada reference files from the Spartan website, and v1 versions of compiled content from The Black Ocean. Speaking of past content don’t forget to see the “page” buttons at the bottom of each of our webpages. There you can find all of our previous articles.