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The Black Ocean presents Army Builder Data Files for Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game (Beta)

The Black Ocean has updated their Army Builder Data Files for the new Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games.

That really is a mouthful. But the title is not the important part. What you can do with these files are!

For those of you who don’t know Fantasy Flight Games recently released the Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game and here at The Black Ocean we have fallen in love with it. In this game we get to do what most boys I grew up with wanted to do. Pilot an X-wing!

To help with building lists with this great game we have created data files for use with Wolflair’s Army Builder. With these files you easily can make lists for tournament or casual play. It can be used to make endless “what if” pairings and “how do these work together” squadrons. Once you have just what you want you can print them out with all stats and pictures, then just grab you miniatures and go!

The Black Ocean is committed to the X-Wing Miniatures Game. As new expansion packs come out we will be updating our Army Builder files.