The Black Ocean’s next installment, Episode 01 “Decompression Sucks,” is posted

The Black Ocean has posted a new episode:

The Black Ocean, your home for Firestorm Armada and Sci Fi gaming, is pleased to announce that, Episode 01 “Decompression Sucks,” is posted to ITunes for your listening enjoyment.

This Episode is bursting with content. We named this Episode one because we are finally in full swing. Included are the following sections:

Hailing Frequencies – our news section from around the Net.
Combat Information Center (New!) – Fleet Review and Background this month the Terrans
Ready Room (New!) – Rules that we missed, Point Defense.
After Action Debrief – Battle Reports, “Decompression Sucks”
Research and Development (New!) – Review of Products, Corsec Engineering’s Omni Stand and Tripple Dice Dock.
Rec Room – inspirational Sci Fi media, Chris talks about the Best Space Battles of All Time
The Ensigns Station – new player’s corner, Dante chats about Link Fire and Turrets
Comms Intercept – Interviews, this month Warbossjim
From the Void – user submitted content, “Battlestations by Andy “Ruckdog” Rucker

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The Black Ocean is upon you…