The Black Ocean’s Army Builder for Firestorm Armada version .986 announced

The Black Ocean has the latest version of their fleet-making program up on their website. Don’t leave Earth without it.

This is the version of Army Builder for Firestorm Armada you have been looking for!

In this version all core fleet ships are included and validated.
Local support wings can now be chosen.
Tactics points are on all squadrons.
Asteroid Stations make their appearance including the ability to add in Ad Hoc Bays.
The Zenian League and the Alliance of Kurak ships are included.
Support Fleets are now able to be selected.
All other issues with validation and point costs are fixed.

The Firestorm Armada community owes a big thanks to Alexmann for all his extra work! Visit his blog at and tell him thanks.

You can download this update from within Army Builder.