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The Best Expansion Ever for the Worst Game Ever

Every one of us has our idea of what is the worst game ever. Well, Gorilla Games actually has the Worst Game Ever (so they call it) and are looking to create an expansion for it (hence "The Best Expansion Ever for the Worst Game Ever"). For those of you that weren't originally able to get the Worst Game Ever (because it sold out really quick), then you'll be able to get a copy now during the campaign.

In the Worst Game Ever, you're trying to be the player with the most tokens when any player is eliminated from the game. The rules are pretty simple. On your turn you put a coin/token (not included) into the kitty (the pile of coins/tokens (not included) in the middle of the table... not actually into a real cat). Then you draw a card. After that, you declare an attack on someone, naming how many tokens/coins (not included) you plan to take from them. You then roll the die (also not included). If you roll higher on the die (also not included) than the number you declared, you take those tokens for yourself. Otherwise, nothing happens. The cards do all sorts of various things. There's a chart on the Kickstarter that shows a bunch of them.

This Kickstarter isn't just for a reprint, though. There's the 50-card expansion (that you can use to play by itself, you don't really need the original game).

The campaign is closing in on 3x funded and still has 19 days left to go on the clock.