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The Bellower issue #6 released

Issue #6 of The Bellower, the Orge Kingdoms fanzine is now available for download.

The Bellower issue #6

From their announcement:
The August 2011 issue of the Ogre Stronghold's free Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms webzine is available to download now.

In this issue:
  • Cover art by Hermut ALLMighty

  • From the Gut by Hragged

  • Ask Aunty Doreen by Aunty Doreen

  • FAQ For New Players by Barney and Captain Lardgut

  • A Giant In Chains by The Ultra-Mega Bob

  • The Feeding Grounds: Thoughts From Thinling Realms by Barney, The Ultra-Mega Bob and various chatty Thinlings

  • The Butcher's Cauldron: Build a Stone Hut by Reg06

  • Tactics For Tyrants: Slavegiants by The Ultra-Mega Bob

  • Gastronomic Rumblings From the Butcher's Pot by Eric J Goldstein

  • Guts of Legend: 'Handsome' Kurg by Meathook and Hermut ALLMighty

  • Armies of the Stronghold: Tribe of Dragon's Mountain by Nightmare and Barney<