The Bellower issue #3 now available

Issue #3 of The Bellower, the fan created Ogre Kingdoms e-zine, is now available for download.

Bellower issue 3 cover

From their website:

The third issue of the Stronghold’s Ogre Kingdoms webzine is available to download now! You can find it here.

In this issue:

  • Cover art by Tushan
  • From the Gut with Editor Randroid
  • Ask Aunty Doreen
  • Avatars of War Ogre Miniature Review
  • Tactics For Tyrants – Magic Items Overview
  • Blood Bowl Gnoblar Team
  • The Ballad of Captain Margaret
  • Butcher’s Cauldron – Greenstuff Banner
  • Armies of the Stronghold – BeastMum’s Ogres