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The Bead Game Up On Kickstarter

It always amazes me how many games are out there. Just when you think you've "seen them all," here comes another one. And it's not just brand new games, either. There are countless games that have been around for decades or hundreds of years (or longer). Games like Checkers have had many variants come out. With The Bead Game, you can play a bunch of those. How many? Well, over 108. Yeah. That's a lot of game in a single box.

The Bead Game is as much about the app as it is about the box, beads, and boards. The app gives you access to dozens of different games you can play using your box and beads. You can even tweak versions of the games and post those up for people to try, who can subsequently rate your game. There's also extra board overlays you can either get as part of the campaign or download and print from the game's website in order to give you even more games to play.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It's about half funded with still 31 days left to go.