The Army Painter wants you to name their brush

By Polar_Bear
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May 31st, 2012

The Army Painter is having a contest to name their 10/0 precision brush. Name it and you could win a whole lot of painting gear.

From the contest sheet:

The Army Painter has a set of unique brushes, all with fitting names. Most popular and possible famous is the INSANE DETAIL brush from the Wargamers range. Now The Army Painter has raised the stakes even further and is making an even smaller brush. As with any movie sequel you need more budget, more famous actors and more action – and we feel brushes are similar in that respect!

What is more insane than INSANE? Help us with the new name of this incredibly ultra small 10/0 precision brush and be the winner of a Mega Paint Set + 10 of the new (name) brush once released in autumn 2012.

The new handmade Rothmarder Sable brush is with the characteristic triangular white Wargamer handle; head size is 10/0 and will be released worldwide autumn 2012.

Send all suggestions to [email protected] – all entries must be with us before June 13th 2012 and you are allowed to have more than one suggestion.

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  • BDub

    How about “Useless Brush”? Seriously, this is a gimmick that will lure a lot of people out of however much they are charging. The tip of this brush is no smaller that the tip of a good 0 or 00. The real problem is that it is too small to hold any paint that won’t immediately dry on the brush before it gets to the mini. Brushes work by wicking stored paint from the body of the brush out the tip onto the surface of the model – no body, no paint, not wicking.

    • mathieu

      I agree. I wonder if there’s any miniature painter worth their salt out there who uses such a tiny brush. Seems to me that most everybody who does quality painting hardly ever goes below a 2 or so, depending on the brand…

  • TomasT

    The Needle – hit them with the pointy end!

  • Lparigi34

    Tinny Winny – you can paint even “that” small detail!

  • Thraug

    The Chubber

  • Sisyphus

    Nearly Invisible Detailer!

    • Sisyphus

      Nose Hair Fine…. Whites of Their Eyes Dotter….