The Army Painter Releases Wargamers’ Army Painting Guide

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Dec 8th, 2011

The Army Painter Wargamers’ Army Painting Guide – In stores now:

From their announcement:

The new 24 page free Wargamers’ Army Painting Guide is in the stores across Europe and in USA in January 2012. Look out for the dispenser in a store near you…

Rick Priestley – creator of Warhammer, WH40.000 and Black Powder has this comment:

“It’s simply the most significant development in hobby painting for years. I take my hat off to them. Well done The Army Painter team. May your bristles never wilt!”

For more information go to:

Editor Note: It appears that the Army Painter Website is down.
Editor Note: Army Painter website is back up.

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  • Alien.Ambassador

    Link is broken

  • laager50

    I have no stores near me, any chance of a pdf version on line

  • twhitten

    I don’t want to disparage Army Painter and people like their products, but they did not invent the ‘Army Painter’ technique, colored primers, or quick shading products/methods. So what is their ‘Significant Development?’

    I guess I’m just not in the mood for undue over-promotion today.

  • CplHicks

    They might not have invented it but they sure made it popular.

  • I got my copy last week. Nothing really ground breaking but I find it to be very useful for those new to the hobby.

  • Back in the early 80s Games Workshop had a free painting pamphlet that dramatically improved my painting. I just got one of these last week in an order from Neal at The War Store. I must say, I was impressed. I guess, though, that it’s a significant development because it’s free and excellently presented. I recommend it highly.

  • I would cheerfully pay money for this. As noted very good guide for basic painting of wargames figures.