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The Army Painter Releases a Free Painting Guide

The Army Painter Releases a Free Painting Guide:

From their announcement:

Lack of time? Less of an artistic nature? Don't know how...? If these or others are your excuses to never quite finish your army projects - this booklet could be your path to redemption.

Both Bo and Jonas from The Army Painter has been painting toy soldiers since their early teens - with more than 40 painted armies finished between them. Many mistakes has been made throughout the years, but as the years passed, the experience of painting armies fast, was accumulated.

Since Bo and Jonas has founded The Army Painter, the excuse to write an easy-to-use guide on: how to paint your armies in record time, presented itself.

Starting in early summer we have worked on a free 24 page Army Painting Guide taking the reader through the 4 steps in The Army Painter technique: spray-basecoat-quickshade-done!
It is a FREE booklet and it will hit the stores in Europe in December and the US in January.
We have been generously accepted by Hobbyists across the Globe and now It is payback time to the Hobby community...

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