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The Army Painter previews new products coming soon

The Army Painter has been busy moving house, but has gotten all set up and is ready to preview some new products they're working on.

From the preview:

Our inks is a love-story with the Hobby community and we have had many requests to produce green, red, blue and a specific Flesh tone in the same high-performing formula as our current inks. We have almost made the formulation as we want it, and hope to be ready to unleash these upon the Hobby community during Summer.

Our warpaints rack is flashy and exciting, but it is not up to the task of holding all the paints without sagging. Most unfortunate, but we will be making a new metal rack. This means that there will be 6 more spaces for colours, 4 will be the inks above, what should the other 2 be? We will have polls on our website later in the Spring with this.

A Gunmetal primer is in development. This is very useful and offers the gamer a host of new ways to speedpaint his warmachines, spaceships, flyers and general metals. Keep an eye out for galleries and tutorials.