The Army Painter post new previews

The Army Painter have posted previews of some upcoming products.

From their announcement:

Sneak Preview: New Colour Primer
Here is the first peak of the next Colour Primer Spray: Crystal Blue. This medium-to-light blue spray is perfect for loads of different armies like: Lizardmen, ACW, Eldar, Space Marines, English Civil War, High Elves and many more.

Over the summer we will be showing you more sneak peaks and galleries with examples of Crystal Blue in use. In fact we are working on an army of High Elves from Gamezone Miniatures right now…

Plastic Frame Cutter
The next Wargamer Tool in our popular tool series.

It is sharp, thin and precise. With this specialized tool you can cut your models from the sprue with ease and precision. It is ideal for trimming and converting all plastic models and miniatures.

Released in Europe: 1st June (Euro 8.50)
Relesed in USA: July (US 9.99)

New Gallery Mantic Undead Army
During the past months we have painted up an Undead Army using Mantic Games new plastic and metal miniatures.

With the Revenants and Ghouls finished we can show you the whole army done in the traditional Army Painter Technique.

Apart from the obvious Colour Primer Skeleton Bone and Necrotic Flesh, the army was finished using Quick Shade Strong Tone and the new Battlefields XP Swamp Tuft.

Check the Mantic Undead Army gallery here.