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The Army Painter holiday sale happening now

The Army Painter has got you covered (in paint...) with their holiday sale happening now.


From the announcement:

Every year the Americans have the "Black Friday" - and so we have a great offer for all US residents. However, if you live in Europe do not get upset - we have extended the offer to you as well - after all, we have adopted Halloween in Europe - so why not BLACK FRIDAY?

Here is the fantastic The Army Painter Technique bundle available only untill Sunday 1. December '13:
The ultimate army painting bundle consists of:

1 Mega Paint Set (all 42 paints + 3 most wanted brushes)
1 Colour Primer of your choice
1 Anti-Shine Matt Varnish spray
1 FREE Quickshade Strong Tone

All you need to get your next army project on the battlefield in next to no time.