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The Army Painter Facebook Giveaway happening now

The Army Painter is now on Facebook. To celebrate, they're having a huge giveaway contest for people that check it out.


From the contest sheet:

To celebrate The Army Painter has (finally) entered the Facebook scene we are running our biggest prize draw ever.
Like us on Facebook and you will be in with a chance to win a staggering one-of-everything from the entire Army Painter range!

- all 42 Warpaints
- one each of the 13 Brushes
- all 25 Colour Primer Sprays, including Anti-Shine Matt Varnish
- one each of the 3 Quickshade cans
- all 14 different Tools (including the yet to be released new Wargaming Hobby Saw
- the 4 Glues (Plastic, Super, PVA and Activator)
- all 10 Battlefield Essentials tubs
- one of each of our Battlefield XP Tufts (again including a yet-to-be-released Tundra Tuft)

That is an insane amount of hobby goodies - the photo does not even show it all...!
Like us on Facebook and tell your friends to do the same.
Prize draw ends March 31st 2014 when we will find the lucky winner!