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The Army Painter delays paint release

The Army Painter is experiencing delays in releasing their individual paints.
From the release:

Due to logistical problems The Army Painter has been forced to postpone the release of individual Warpaints.

Bo Penstoft, President/CEO of The Army Painter:

“Unfortunate events primarily with shipping and the recent move of our primary European warehouse has forced us to postpone the release of the Warpaints Dispenser slightly.
We have fought a hard battle trying to rectify the inadequacies in due time, but in the end we have had no choice but to postpone the release. The World is getting smaller due to the internet and fast delivering courier companies and so we simply cannot release to one country and not another. All our partners deserve a fair chance to sell the Warpaints at the same time, hence the difficult decision.
We deeply regret any inconvenience we might have caused both to our business partners and to our many loyal hobbyists – who have been waiting for the Warpaints for a long time now.
Hopefully our customers will understand that we are trying to do the right thing and not the easiest option”
Bo Penstoft, Hørning, Denmark, 23. March 2012

11. April 2012

26. April 2012

(expect the Warpaints to be available in the stores a few days later)