The Army Painter Confirms A Range of Acrylic Designer Paints for Wargamers

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Nov 11th, 2011

The Army Painter Confirms A Range of Acrylic Designer Paints for Wargamers:

From their announcement:

Here at Army Painter we are very proud to be able to release a brand new range of Warpaints. There are many different types of acrylic paints of there, but no range that we know of has multiple suppliers and has been specifically designed to 100% compliment an already existing range of other products. No-one can be the best at everything, so we have taken the best suppliers in the World for each type of paint (Colour, Metallic and Inks) and utilized their strengths, seeding out their weaknesses. This way we have an absolute top-end product which is fully cohesive with the Colour Primer and Quickshade ranges (Warpaints are a 100% match to the products of the same name). Jonas Faering, our ex ‘Eavy Metal painter and co-owner of The Army Painter – has personally been in charge of the development of the quality to make sure it is the best in world, which has taken us no less than 3 years. So we are very confident we have a product that can match anything of the best out there – we do realize that is some kind of blatant statement – but we will let the hobbyists be the judges of that.

Furthermore, we have studied intently what colours are selling and which ones are not. This has made our range extremely tight at only 36 colours, but this is actually about 90% of what colours are selling out there – you see, you do not need 18 different nuances of brown, 5 will do the job – and thus the Hobbyist can spend his extra hard earned cash on more miniatures…

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  • verythrax


    Any feedbacks o the warpaint line? I’m looking desperately for an cost-effective alternative for Vallejo and GW paints.

  • cannondaddy

    I’m pretty happy with my P3 paints, but I’m interested in their color primer sprays. I’m guessing they’ll sell pots that match the colors they have in spray cans, which makes it more appealing to me.

    BTW the link at the top of the article wasn’t working for me.

  • BlueWeasel

    This sounds similar to Reaper’s HD line which features lots of pigment, same dropper bottles as the ones shown here, Vallejo, Reaper Master Series. Also has the tight # of colors 36 individual and 2 bonus colors if you buy as a set.
    And comes in a nice carrying case.

    Nothing against Army Painter, I just think they got this out 6 months after Reaper…

  • mathieu

    So many superlatives…

    I’m curious about who are the “best suppliers in the World” for colour, metallic, and ink. Also I don’t quite get how other ranges out there are any less cohesive with generic primers and standard dipping washes. I’ve used quite a few brands of acrylic paints on quite a few brands of primers, and dabbled with a couple of pre-made washes… Never experienced any incompatibilities…

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they have a solid product and I’m happy to see a new range because it means new toys to play with… But I feel that the promotional blurb could have been a little bit lighter on the BS here.

    • Well you have to remember that wargames companies buy their paints in from well people who make paint. So by picking and choosing you can get the best of all worlds.

      Some businesses (like GW), go for the cheapest formulation they can get away with, hence the quality of their paint. Foundry have their three shade system and so on…

      • mathieu

        Well you have to remember that wargames companies buy their paints in from well people who make paint. So by picking and choosing you can get the best of all worlds.

        Even if I weren’t aware of that, that’s clearly indicated in The Army Painter’s announcement. Like I said, I’d like to know who these “best in the world” are. Or on what criteria they were chosen. There are probably as many different painting styles as there are painters, and I know I cannot work properly with some paint brands despite the good reviews they get otherwise. Some great painters swear by the old Rackham line, others can’t stand it. In that respect, “best in the world” is completely meaningless.

        I (and I’m sure many others) have used paints, inks, and metallics from a variety of brands over the years, and I have my own idea about which is better than which for my own use and why. For example I rarely use metallics from any other than Vallejo Air, and I have 20+ bottles of white paints because I had to try that many to find one manufacturer that produces a white that doesn’t turn chalky at high dilution. That’s the kind of information I want to read in such a blurb. Not hollow words on how some dude spent forever on the quest for the best, and “we will let the hobbyists be the judges of” how good they are.

        • Ah OK now I know that you know that wargames companies buy their paint in – that makes the next bit easier.

          Best in the world, well they are obviously choosing here. It is (so far as I know) a new idea to pick from different manufacturers to provide one range of paint. I agree, as painters that is what we have been doing with the paint ranges that we have to choose from.

          As regards advertising/manufacturing, you sell the sizzle, not the steak

          marketing is just done that way because it is more effective.

          But when the paint comes out, then like any customer we can judge for ourselves.

          • mathieu

            Re-reading my previous comment, I realize I may have come off a lot harsher than Intended. Sorry about that.

            Cool link. I agree with the idea, I guess the overabundance of superlatives and meaningless claims sort of kills it for me. Oh well, I’ll probably end up giving it a go anyway 😉

        • Nightbee

          Who makes your Magic White?

          • mathieu

            The only one I’ve tried that works for me is the P3 white. I can dilute it like crazy without it coagulating or separating.

            The whole range is pretty solid (except for the appalling metallics), but you can rather easily find colors that withstand dilution in a variety of ranges (Daler Rowney transparent inks, Golden transparent airbrush, Vallejo air, Gunze Sangyo, Citadel washes,…). That white is pretty outstanding in that respect.

  • Nivanti

    Designer paint ha ha ha.

    Best paint out there is the foundry range ( old gw ) thick pigment old style bottle mass range of colours and they come in the triad of shade, base and highlight.

  • So that other missing 10% must be used WWII uniforms, armor, aircraft, and artillery collectors……okay… then I simply can not wait to see how that last bit missing from your range will be shoe horned into say five or so bottles according to that logic. Lets not forget real world flesh tones either. Sorry I do not agree with you.

  • Looks like Vallejo with different labels. So who is making the paint?

  • combatpainter

    Lots of great paint out there. Have you tried Reaper??? A diamond in the rough for sure… Foundry is excellent as well but way too pricey. Vallejo works, too. Army painter in limited colors??? I makes sense but I like triads, fast and simple for knuckleheads.