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The Army Painter Confirms A Range of Acrylic Designer Paints for Wargamers

The Army Painter Confirms A Range of Acrylic Designer Paints for Wargamers:

From their announcement:

Here at Army Painter we are very proud to be able to release a brand new range of Warpaints. There are many different types of acrylic paints of there, but no range that we know of has multiple suppliers and has been specifically designed to 100% compliment an already existing range of other products. No-one can be the best at everything, so we have taken the best suppliers in the World for each type of paint (Colour, Metallic and Inks) and utilized their strengths, seeding out their weaknesses. This way we have an absolute top-end product which is fully cohesive with the Colour Primer and Quickshade ranges (Warpaints are a 100% match to the products of the same name). Jonas Faering, our ex ‘Eavy Metal painter and co-owner of The Army Painter - has personally been in charge of the development of the quality to make sure it is the best in world, which has taken us no less than 3 years. So we are very confident we have a product that can match anything of the best out there – we do realize that is some kind of blatant statement - but we will let the hobbyists be the judges of that.

Furthermore, we have studied intently what colours are selling and which ones are not. This has made our range extremely tight at only 36 colours, but this is actually about 90% of what colours are selling out there – you see, you do not need 18 different nuances of brown, 5 will do the job – and thus the Hobbyist can spend his extra hard earned cash on more miniatures…