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The Army Painter celebrating mail order no 50,000 with Warpaints MEGA Bundle

The Army Painter just recently shipped out mail order number 50,000. That's... a lot. Like... a whole lot. And it's a nice, round number, too. Anyway, enough about the number, itself, and let's talk about what The Army Painter is doing having reached that number. They've got a new Warpaints MEGA Bundle. If you want some The Army Painter paint, and you want a lot of it, this is the bundle for you.


What comes in the MEGA Bundle Deal? Well, glad you asked, because it'd be easier to tell you what colors aren't included: none. That is to say, every color paint that The Army Painter makes is part of it. You get the Mega Paint Set (which is 42 colors), plus their 15 unique Zombicide paints. And now that you've got all that paint, you'll need brushes. They figure a good dozen brushes should suffice. Yeah... a dozen brushes.
Roughly, that works out to a 30% savings.

But if you want all that paint, you only have until the 21st to order it from their shop.