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The Army Painter announces Zombicide Expansion Paint Set

The Army Painter has announced a new expansion pack to their Zombicide Paint Set.

Toxic Prison Set


From the announcement:

The Zombicide Games series from CoolMiniOrNot and Guillotine Games currently includes 3 boxed games and expansions: The Zombicide Boxed Game from Season 1 and the 2 boxes: Prison Outbreak and Toxic City Mall from season 2.

The Season 2 boxes introduces 2 new types of nasty zombies; The Berserkers (scaly mutated beasts in orange prison jumpsuits) and infected Toxic Zombies (covered in purple boils and deadly spikes).

On top of the 10 paints from the Warpaints Zombicide Core Paint Set the Warpaints expansion paint set: Toxic/Prison Paint Set gives you 6 more Warpaints needed to paint Berserker Zombies and Toxic Zombies. This set introduces 4 new unique Warpaints not previously available.

The Warpaints Toxic/Prison Paint Set will be available for worldwide release at GenCon in August and will be in retail stores around the globe on Monday 18th August.