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The Army Painter Announces Upcoming Products

The Army Painter

From their announcement:

Jonas has been busy doing more work with the new range of Warpaints Acrylic Colours out early 2012.

The first of Jonas' work can be seen in the 24 page FREE Wargamers' Army Painting Guide available in December. In the guide Jonas discusses the basics of Warpaints, how to use them and introduces a simple mixing guide.

A comprehensive mixing guide and comparrison chart, will be available on our website as pdf-downloads next year. With Warpaints we only suggest you buy the paints you need. As we say in this extract from Wargamers' Army Painting Guide: Seriously, you do not need 18 different nuances of brown. It is your Hamster instinct taking over and you wallet will suffer as a result.

Next New Colour Primer Release
In January 2012 we are releasing the next Colour Primer Spray: Barbarian Flesh.

It is similar to our discontinued Human Flesh. For a few years we've been bombarded with requests to bring a Flesh spray back and with the recent surge of new fleshy-coloured Ogre armies - demand for a new Colour Primer has never been bigger.

This Colour Primer is great for spraying miniatures with exposed skin, saving you loads of time. Superb with Celts, hordes of Viking beserkers and marauding barbarians in general. Also Beastmen and Skaven would benefit from this colour, making their fur more realistic.