The Army Painter announce paint range

The Army Painter have announced a new range of miniature paints called Warpaint and details of the contents of their painting starter set. AP_Paintset_Front_Cover.jpg From their announcement:
Finally we are ready to announce the arrival of our long awaited Wargamer Starter Paint Set, called Warpaints. The Warpaints are made in the EU and the combination of good coverage and consistency makes them a top quality product. 150ml Colour Primer What makes this set totally unique is the inclusion of a primer. Not just any primer but the renowned Colour Primer in a 150ml. introduction bottle. With the exact same top quality as its bigger brother – Starter Paints Sets will never be the same again. The set includes either a Black or a White Primer. Innovation Our Starter Paint Set will be the ultimate beginner set. It is complete and includes everything you need to start painting – including those 3 additional products the hobbyist need to obtain when buying a classic Starter Paint Set. At an astonishing value, we have also included a real 150ml. Colour Primer spray, a Drybrush and a free Gold paint – making it absolutely unique and arguably the best value starter set in the business.