The Army Painter add new US online store

The Army Painter now have a US online store and have posted a new gallery of painted Nurgle figures.

From their announcement:

USA Webstore open now
It is with great pleasure we can announce the US part of our webstore for open. Allowing all Americans the opportunity to get all your Army Painter hobby paints and accessories directly from us.
Shipping rates in the US are: 5.99 Dollars flat rate
Free shipping for all orders over 65.00 Dollars. Get your gaming group together and go to our website and tool up for your next army painting project.

Hobby Hero – Frederic Lundgren
Swedish gamer Frederic has painted a filthy and discusting 40K Chaos Nurgle Army that we just had to show to you.
Frederic wrote us:
I have been an avid wargamer for 10 years now, and whilst I an a decent painter who can make stuff above Tournament Level, I am also a dreadfully slow one… But no more. Since I first started to work with Quickshade some months ago I can now finish my projects much quicker and with a pleasing end-result.

My method basically consists of doing basecoating and a number of stages pre dip. I then apply the Quickshade with a brush and slap on some further highlights before finishing the miniatures off with a matte varnish.
Well… have a look: Nurgle Gallery