The Ancible 1 Year comments

The Ancible editors have posted a series of comment on the magazine’s first year.

From their announcement:

Having been in business for 1 year now we always said that we would take stock and see what was working and what was not. Well that process is nearly complete and I would like to thank all those of you who threw in your ideas. I can’t promise we are going to action all of them but I can tell you we will be changing some things (hopefully the ones that will make the biggest difference)

The focus on design quality and independent reporting isn’t going to change, we are going to change the mix of articles a bit but hopefully not too much. We realise we can’t please all of the peole all the time. We are aiming to please as many as we can as often as we can. The Ancible will remain a full colour PDF Magazine full of hobby articles, tutorials, reviews and short stories in the science fiction and fantasy genre. Now for the exciting bit (to all of those who havn’t checked it out yet)

Going forward the magazine will be completely free. We have made the first 6 issues avaiable for you to download. For those who suggest that they didn’t want to have to register to get a copy then this is your opportunity, no registration required. Simply download and enjoy.

Have a great Christmas and watch out for Issue 7 in the new year.