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The Adventure Quest Card Game Up On Kickstarter Now

Having a game that you can just get out at just about any point and play in just about any space is a good thing. You never know when you might find yourself with some time and feel like playing a game while you wait for something else to happen. Be it another game of something that takes longer to play, or for the rest of your adventuring party to arrive, or if you're in line at the DMV.
Well, The Adventure Quest Card Game from Trilogames is just such a game that you can have on-hand for such an occasion. Games are as quick as 8 minutes.


The game is a spin-off of games like War, where you're trying to play a card with a higher value than the one played by your opponents. Seems pretty simple, but there's also special items with unique effects that can alter the course of play. So it's a bit of a mind game, along with the luck of the draw, that will determine who the winner is.

The game's a little under 1/4 funded, but still has 31 days left on the clock to make it to their goal.