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The Adequate Commoner - An RPG Supplement about Survivng and Thriving as the Class Everyone Expects to Die Horribly

J.M. Perkins is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Adequate Commoner. Can you survive your Pathfinder campaign as the lowliest of the low NPC?

The Adequate Commoner


From the campaign:

From writer J.M. Perkins and publisher Misfit Studios, 'The Adequate Commoner' is the first, the only gaming book designed to facilitate playing a commoner or extremely low powered character in role playing games; adding more tactical thinking, tension, and encouraging a guerrilla warfare approach to gameplay. The supplement provides an overview and unexpected use for existing material from the Pathfinder role-playing game in addition to expanded options for nearly any character.

'The Adequate Commoner' includes new commoner tactics, feats, traits, ‘jobs,’ level ‘0’ play options, pregenerated characters, adventure hooks, commoner weapons, and more in a 130+ page supplement. The guide will discuss the rationale and unique rewards of Commoner player characters (or an entire commoner party) within the Pathfinder and 3.5 ruleset.

Commoner characters facilitate the more dangerous, inventive playstyle of older versions of the World’s Oldest Roleplaying game that is often lacking in current campaigns. Playing a commoner in a Pathfinder/3.5 Open Game License Games provides the greatest possible opportunity for desperate, by the skin of their teeth creativity in character creation, roleplaying, or non-lateral thinking to solve game challenges while retaining access to the incredible richness of OGL material.

Commoners serve as a logical counterpoint for players and game masters desiring something truly different than the standard stable of demigod PC classes: they are the unpowered ‘badass normal’ in a world full of superheroes, they are the historically accurate ‘ninjas’ in a world full of heavily armed aristocratic samurai, they are Bilbo Baggins amongst dwarven career soldiers. Commoners are the everyman that --with a little skill, a lot of intelligence, and a pinch of luck-- might just save the day and prove every bit the hero. This guide is for players and GMs interested in telling those kind of stories.

In addition to 'The Adequate Commoner,' the Kickstarter campaign includes bonus books and stretch goal rewards for eight extra gaming books and other additions from some of the most innovative publishers creating gaming material today.

'The Adequate Commoner' will allow gamers to do more with less, never fight fair, and survive and thrive in a world that expects you to fail. Your characters will level, you’ll level as a player, and you’ll never have a better, more challenging time rolling dice. Click here to learn more and back the project on Kickstarter.