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The 8th Day Relaunches On Kickstarter

I'll often see Kickstarter campaigns that don't make it to their funding goal the first time through. And you know, a lot of people will say, "that's it. We didn't make it. It's over." But honestly, that doesn't have to be the case. Not everything is going to be a success the first time out. But if you take the time to check over your game and give it some tweaks, listen to feedback from the first round of backers, and can reconfigure how your campaign page looked to explain your product better, there's a good chance that not only will your second campaign fund, but it'll go far and beyond what you'd hoped for. That is hopefully the case for The 8th Day, which has relaunched on Kickstarter.

In the game, it's a group of players versus one. the group play as Military Commanders in a post-alien-invasion world. 60 years have passed and now it's time to take back the Earth for the humans. Operating out of secret military bases, the players must make tactical strikes to reduce the power of the aliens. As they go, they'll get better gear, more experience, and learn new skills. But be careful, because as the strikes continue, the aliens will get better at stopping the raids. Will the humans take back over the Earth, or will the planet will have a new race that calls it home?

As I mentioned, the campaign is back up on Kickstarter and has another 29 days to make it to their funding goal.