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The 2nd Annual Club Fantasci Christmas Game Drive Happening Now

Gaming is good. Giving to those that are less-fortunate is also good. So when you put the two together, you get something great. And that's just what Club Fantasci is doing again this year. They've started up their Christmas Game Drive and you can help out! Give the gift of gaming to someone in need.

From the announcement:

Hello! It’s that time of year again when we raise money and games to help those in need at Christmas this year in the Nashville area!

We are firm believers that everything you do should be to the benefit of others and because of that, last season the Club Fantasci Christmas Game Drive raised over 900 games valued at over $24,000! How amazing is that? We were able to help so many different causes of which you can read more about and view the videos below. The need for games ranges from young children to teens. We need games of all types because certain charities like Community Options serves adults with mental disabilities and Cedar Grove also uses role-playing games to work with their teens on their social issues. Books, Comics, Toys, collectibles or accessories make great gifts as well!

We were so blown away at the awesome response last year so let’s blow the doors on that feat this year with the 2nd Annual Club Fantasci Christmas Game Drive! There are so many disenfranchised children, families without work, people with disabilities or with no hope for Christmas this year. Let’s change that and put a smile on the faces of those who have so little. Let’s step up and show everyone what we are capable of when we band together!

If you have any questions about donating to the 2nd Annual Club Fantasci Christmas Game Drive, please contact David Lowry here: Contact

A massive, massive thank you to all the publishers who donated so many games last year! We hope we can surpass that amazing generosity this year!

Thank you to everyone for your support! We love you so much!