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The 2018 Pandemic Survival Series Is Coming

It's not quite cold and flu season yet, but that just means it's time to stock up on disease-fighting knowledge. It also means to get prepped for the upcoming 2018 Pandemic Survival Series. Yes, Pandemic is usually a cooperative affair, but in this format, you're racing against another set of researchers to be the first one to cure the deadly diseases spreading across the world. I hope you're not afraid of needles.

From the announcement:

Experience a new way to play cooperative classic Pandemic with a new season of the competitive team version of Pandemic, Pandemic Survival!

The 2018 season of Survival is full of scheduled opportunities for you to share your love of Pandemic at conventions, game festivals, or your local game store. Learn the ropes of Survival at casual discovery tournaments, or compete against some of the best teams in the world at competitive tournaments that culminate in the Pandemic Survival World Championships.