That 70s Expansion Now Available For Smash Up

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we all lived through the 70s. The clothes. The music. The heartwarming but rarely amusing Ziggy cartoons. Now, later, who are we to look at these two fine young men and say, “You there! I sit in judgement of you!” (congrats if you get that one)
The That 70s Expansion is now available for Smash Up. Grab your bell-bottoms and wide-flared shirts and hit the tabletop.

From the post:

Can you dig it? We’ve put Smash Up into the not-so-wayback machine and set the controls for “GROOVY!”

That 70s Expansion celebrates all the greatest pop-culture memories from the Age of Aquarius! Put on your mood rings, bust out your leisure suits, spin that disco ball and put the pedal to the metal good buddy! The streets are mean, there’s a bear in the air, but the music is fantastic and everyone is Kung Fu Fighting!