TGN Top 5 – Zombie Miniatures

By Enrico Nardini
In Horror
Oct 28th, 2014

It’s the Halloween season! And what better way could there be to celebrate the month of maleficent monsters than with a top 5 countdown of modern horror’s most ubiquitous villains: ZOMBIES! Tabletop Gaming News counts down their top 5 favorite zombie miniatures (in no particular order).

Number 5 – Maelok, The Dreadbound (Privateer Press)

Alligators are plenty scary on their own. Add the curse of undeath in both the Night of the Living Dead sense and The Serpent and the Rainbow sense, and you have a creature capable of striking terror throughout the Iron Kingdoms. Did we mention he is also a warlock, wielding both magic and the ability to control warbeasts?!?!

Maelok exudes decay with tons of gory details, from exposed ribs to torn musculature. His body is festooned with candles, a possible reference to Voodoo (Vodou) inspiration/influence in his design. It’s a nice touch when one considers the origins of the original zombie myths (Haiti), though the zombie (zombi) plays no part in Voodoo’s formal practices.

Number 4 – Zombie Mousling (Reaper Miniatures)
Zombie Mousling

Tiny, fuzzy, and determined to eat your brains, the Zombie Mousling is just horrifyingly cute. A small miniature and a simple sculpt, but painted up, it’s a unique character. This little brain muncher will terrify any band of woodland warriors.

Number 3 – Toxic City Mall Abomination (Cool Mini or Not)
TCM Abom

Any abomination is a terrifying force of mass destruction. Their raw destructive power combined with their incredible durability strikes fear in the hearts of any survivor. What could make a hulking mass of dead flesh, covered in bony spikes, and armed with wicked fangs and claws even more frightful? Try adding tighty-whities and bunny slippers! The juxtaposition of the horrifying and the humorous makes this miniature a zombie to remember.

Number 2 – Rotten Belles (Wyrd)

Strange combinations seem to be a theme on this list: The Zombie Mousling is adorable but abhorrent. The Toxic City Mall Abomination blends the mundane with the monstrous. Rotten Belles, in turn, splice the sensual and surreal. They are the freakish undead minions of Seamus, Malifaux’s resident Jack the Ripper/Mad Hatter analog, culled from the local madams to aid in his nefarious plots.

Both editions of these living dead girls feature beautifully designed and highly detailed Victorian style garb. The “zombie” effects are subtler here. Rictus grins, torn garments, and twisted gaits are the clues that their perspective “johns” are in for more than they bargained for.

Number 1 – Scavengers of Acheron (Rackham)

Mindless shuffling zombies? Meh. Zombies with wickedly pointed spears, racing toward you at a gallop? Now that’s more like it! Both horses and riders have wonderfully sculpted details, with convincing layers of skin, muscle, and bone. The decaying fleshy bits are off set by the solid surfaces of the weapons and armor plates. Little details like the scavenging crow on one guy’s head really set these apart for us.

Remember, TGN Top 5s are based on the subjective preferences of our team and may (and likely will) differ from yours. There are a ton of zombie miniatures out there; we’d like to hear about your favorites.

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  • surprize

    I’ve always like a reaper dark legends mini called “Salty Dog” – don’t worry it is ‘work safe’!! It’s a zombie pirate werewolf. Yeah I know.

    Also the images come out a bit small in the pop-out viewer thing. Can’t really see the belles or the #1 figures as they are too small…

    • DUDE! That’a an undead warpwolf, and he’s awesome.

  • mathieu

    The Scavengers of Acheron definitely belong in that first place. Incredible models, I wish more companies went out their way to push the creative envelope the way these guys used to.

  • Dismembered

    Hmmz well tastes differ indeed. at least you have Rackham’s models in it, while I don understand you didn’t include their other zombies as well.
    It’s a shame imho that Enigma’s zombies aren’t here, Red Box Games’ zombies, old Citadel Kev Adam’s zombies, Paul Muller’s zombies by Heresy Miniatures, Knight Models’zombie girl, Hell Dorado’s Damned one of gluttony (the fatty). People def should check those, again imho superior, zombie sculpts.

    • Dismembered

      should have added some undead models by SMOG as well (their undead croc really blows the one in this list imho out of the water) , and the undead king by Allan Carrasco.

  • Borzag

    Yes yes, CMoN site and all that, but the Toxic City thing shouldn’t be up there. Just sayin’.

    Supreme Z from Pulp Monsters though, totally! I mean Undead Superman peoples!

    • mathieu

      I agree on that Toxic City thing. It’s a mediocre sculpt of essentially a hulking monster, which is a concept a number of other companies have done vastly better (HD’s Damned of Wrath for example, or Rackham’s Flesh Golem).

      But yeah, CMoN. Same thing with the presence of rather underwhelming models from two companies that advertise here all the time… It’ll look a lot less suspicious if the models were actually good (which both PP and Wyrd have quite a few of on their catalogues)

      • Enrico Nardini

        I felt the need to address these two comments specifically (Borzag and Mathieu).

        First, of course I appreciate you reading and commenting on the article. I welcome the discourse, and I encouraged it at the end of the post. Favorite figures are always polarizing, and I knew (and hoped) that I would hear about all kinds of amazing zombie figures that I was not aware of (more on that).

        What I don’t appreciate is the idea that some kind of impropriety has been perpetrated. I’ll address both examples in turn:

        1. I don’t know if you took the time to read the article description. Note that it says “Tabletop Gaming News counts down their top 5 favorite zombie miniatures…”

        I felt the “favorite” part was pretty clear and very subjective. This is not about the most detailed sculpt, the most realistically scaled, or the best artistry (most of which, would honestly be subjective as well). Our team got together and simply discussed zombie miniatures we liked. The abomination being on the list shouldn’t be that surprising. When you work for a miniature company, and you’re making what you like, you may end up liking what you make.

        2. I took particular issue with the Rotten Belles and Maelok. I nominated both of those models. I’ve have a set of Rotten Belles I painted for my Seamus crew, and that crew won me one of my first painting awards (3rd Place, Gen Con, Manufacturers Category (Wyrd)).

        In turn, a friend of mine has a Gatorman minion army and Maelok is his primary caster. He immediately sprang to mind and I pushed for another non-human miniature to round out the list . I wasn’t aware of the SMOG model. I’m assuming you mean The Canopic Beast. I just googled “SMOG miniatures undead crocodile” to find out what model you were talking about specifically. Guess what? CMoN’s store listing is the first entry on the first page. We sell that model. Would you have raised a similar question if it were on the list? Should everything we sell be off limits to a list of our personal likes?

        Also, you may not be aware that Privateer Press and Wyrd are not the only companies that advertise with us and make zombie models. By your logic, I guess some of them will be upset that the Zombie Mousling made our list.

        So by all means, believe whatever story suites your desired narrative, but I will certainly present the other side of the story as I see it.