TGN Talk is back!

By tgn_admin
In News
Nov 20th, 2011

We couldn’t find the old TGN Talk archives alas but a new forum is now available at

The user login system is integrated with the main site, and the intention here is that discussions may be less restrictive / more off topic tolerant than news comments which are by tradition and definition, strictly about the news item being posted.

So, please join us in the new TGN Talk forums and feel free to make suggestions / report bugs as we tweak it.

  • timlillig

    Thanks, the old one was a useful forum, although sometimes low traffic. An game finder/ opponent finder section would be appreciated.

  • Excellent! I missed that forum… too bad the archives got lost, I enjoyed the three month ‘try and paint a new miniature game’ thing we did on them…

  • Gailbraithe

    I registered but it’s telling me I’m not allowed to access the forums. 🙁

  • Jeremy

    Perfect timing. =)

    Should our old user names and passwords still work?

    • cmon-chern

      This isn’t a separate board like the old TGN Talk. One login works on both the main site as well as the forums, i.e. the user database is linked. Login once and you should be logged in on both, if not your main site username and password will work on the forum.

      • Jeremy

        Ah wonderful. Thank you.