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TGN Sunday Snippets

Sunday, rainy Sunday. At least, here in Atlanta it's raining. Due to gaming much of the day yesterday (rpg variety for me, though electronic in nature. Hey! I'm allowed!), it's "do all the chores!!" day here. Most important is the giant stewpot of red beans simmering on the stove. That's going to be heavenly later.

And as a very loose segue, let's move on to the bite-sized stories we've collected over the last few days for you.

So while Adepticon wraps up in Chicago, we bring you: Battle Studios to become Full-Time Company, Marauder Ship Paper Model Kit Released by Dave Graffam, Steornede Battlesuits Released from The Ion Age, New Website Coming for Gripping Beast, Acheson Creations Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter #2 – Mushroom Gate – Coming This Summer, Kaiju Kaos: The Soundtrack, Vol 2 on Kickstarter, Fox Box released 'Sororitas Arcanum', New Weapon Releases from Kromlech, and the 1 Year Anniversary of Guild Ball.

Battle Studios to become Full-Time Company

Battle Studios

It is with great excitement and a little trepidation that I am pleased to announce that from mid-late April 2015 Battle Studios will become a full time business. I will be continuing to scratch build various buildings, defence systems and scenic’s whilst still providing a high wargame standard painting service for gamers around the world. Long term I hope to be able to produce the multi-part trench system that I currently scratch build in 20mm, 28mm and heroic size ( for 40k and Warzone) in resin. I also intend to take my buildings to various shows, I will also be looking into a new website. In the mean time I will be using my facebook page as a means of contact and imparting news as it happens. If you should have any ideas for future projects I could look into please let me know.

Marauder Ship Paper Model Kit Released by Dave Graffam


The Marauder Ship is the newest paper model kit from Dave Graffam Models. It's designed for 28mm-30mm scale gaming, and can be easily printed and assembled using ordinary hobby tools. Multiple texture layers are included, making it a cinch to customize its appearance.

Steornede Battlesuits Released from The Ion Age

IAF072 variants with 15mm infantry for scale

Battlesuits released today at The Ion Age! Two 15mm variants and our last releases for this month. The Steornede is the mailed fist of the Planetary Militia whose codes we released last month.

Remember you get the free 15mm Happy Burger Bot in every order automatically.

I hope you like them!

Thanks for Reading.

The New Gripping Beast Web Site Cometh

Gripping Beast

Our new, groovy new site will appear at very,very shortly - unfortunately, because of internet magic, we cannot give you an exact time.
The new site is much more user friendly and I'm sure you will love it. You will have to re-register to place an order but that will give you a chance to ensure we have your up-to-date address and phone number.

Furthermore, the new site will take credit and debit cards too! Hourrah!

The new site is populated with our ranges (SAGA, Gripping Beast, Woodbine, MoFo, Polemark etc)

Acheson Creations Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter #2 – Mushroom Gate – Coming This Summer


Dungeon Worlds Part 1 was a success and we would like to thank all of our supporters.

Dungeon Worlds Part 2 will launch later this summer and many of the masters are already completed and will include more tiles, scenery, accessories and figures.

This an image of the Mushroom of a number of new gates to travel through....some will lead to caverns yet to be explored and others will allow you to enter amazing new get ready...we are not done!

Kaiju Kaos: The Soundtrack, Vol 2 on Kickstarter


The goal of this Kickstarter is to fund the costs of CD manufacturing and distribution through CDBaby (which will lead to digital distribution to iTunes, Spotify, etc).

Any additional money pledged will go toward funding new 50mm Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown mini figures cast in durable urethane plastic. Collectible game figures as Stretch Goals? Why not? This is a game soundtrack!

Kaiju Kaos: The Soundtrack, Volume 2 features 24 new songs by 3 veteran recording artists. The CD is over 76 minutes long and comes retail ready in a traditional plastic jewel case, shrink-wrapped with UPC

Fox Box released 'Sororitas Arcanum'

Fox Box is usually known for orc parts and some of their wicked greenskin sculpts. They recently released some models to supplement your sci-fi armies (as Games Workshop compatible).

So far some female foot-soldiers and a couple of priests, but I have it on good authority that there's more in the pipeline!

New Weapon Releases from Kromlech

we have managed to resolve the situation after recent incident with those sneaky Goblin Ammo Dealers.
Thanks to that we have a new release today :)

Legionary Thunder Gun Mk I
Legionary Reflex Sight

1 Year Anniversary of Guild Ball

We are 1 year on from the day this all cool is that? Guild Ball is 1 year old today and is virtually in everyone's hands. We have been super busy at Steamforged Games HQ recently obviously getting the shipping sorted of the kickstarter but also putting in place some updated images of our products that will be hitting retail shelves soon.

Dice Packs

Although we offered exclusive Convention/Kickstarter dice (GB Logo) during the kickstarter, there was a clear demand for guild specific ones. As such we have produced a dice set for each team going into retail - these are available now via our webstore or at your LGS that is a stockist of Guild Ball!

Remember, if you want your LGS to stock Guild Ball - get them to drop us a line to and we will be in touch. Its that simple!

While you are on our store - you will also notice that the ENTIRE range of our models now have lovely 3D renders to go with their concept art.

We didn't want to spoil people early with every single render but seems we are now shipping and the models will be in peoples hands shortly - it seems appropriate.