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TGN Sunday Snippets

Happy Ides of March!
If your name is Caesar, maybe want to not go out amongst friends today, just in case.

Anyway, we've got another set of bite-sized stories we wanted to share with you.

In this grouping, we've got: Now available Undead Ground and Shaleground 40x40mm diorama from Tabletop-Art, 25mm to 32mm adapter rings available for order from Eccentric Miniatures, New Mats and Bases and Accessories from Micro Art Studio, New Goblin Ammo Dealers from Kromlech, Update #17 Modular Underground Project from Manorhouse Workshop, New WIP photos of Bonny Anne bust by Kabuki Models, Statuesque Miniatures Heroic Scale Female Heads now with Berets, American Republic Armour in 15mm New from Brigade Models, and Mad Robot Releases Heavy Weapons.

Now available Undead Ground and Shaleground 40x40mm diorama from Tabletop-Art

We have two new dioramas in our shop:

25mm to 32mm adapter rings available for order from Eccentric Miniatures

New from Eccentric Miniatures! For all of you who wish to re-base your miniatures from 25mm to 32mm, here is one of the easiest solutions. Instead of ripping it off one base to glue to another, you can just add to the one that is already there. These adapter rings are made in two parts which allows you to glue around your existing base. You get 12 sets of adapter rings for $3. Available in two different internal widths to be used on a variety of plastic and scenic resin bases.

New Mats, Bases and Accessories from Micro Art Studio

This month we have just several new releases but I think all of them will be quite popular. Firstly - as lots of customers asked - we prepared 6 sets of 32mm bases for Warhammer 40k, starting with some of the most popular kinds and followed with others in the following months.

As Old Factory bases for Bolt Action came out to be pretty popular we decided to add a 2.5 inch bases to the set. Now the sizes cover most of the bases used for WWII minis and weapon teams. Next month we'll add more patterns to this new line of bases.

Another gaming aid for Xwing - Range Rulers with two colours to choose from.

Finally - something completely new - two 72x48 inches gaming mats. One generic grassland design and second dedicated to be used for Warhammer 40k but fitting well with almost any sci-fi battle game. We worked hard on the design so the detail and quality are at least the same as with the Infinity mats. We decided to make a pre sale for these items. 50% of the value of these products has to be paid upon order while the second part of the payment is going to be charged according to your current conditions . The ETA for those two mats is May/June 2015. The more precise date will be know once we gather some preorders. Seeing how it goes with Infinity and Xwing mats I think these have a chance of becoming one of the most popular items we sell so I encourage you to take preorders. If you like to take just 4 or 8 mats - no problem! Even a small order helps us to bring these to you faster :)

New Goblin Ammo Dealers from Kromlech


Breaking News !
Someone stole all our ammo stash from the studio !
Our surveillance camera has registered those sneaky Goblins.

Look out for your stuff...

But remember that you can always pay the right price and they will be
happy to work for you :)

Update #17 Modular Underground Project from Manorhouse Workshop


Hi everyone
Little update on what we are working.
An image of a set of new stone walls in the Gothic style, combined with brick walls. New flooring in brick and stone. The first hint of internal balcony and staircase to access it. (balcony and staircase are works by Michele Bottalico) the wooden floors for corridors of the upper floors.
The coloration is in work in progress … but I could not stop myself from to share with you the work already done.
In the next post we will get into detail about of the individual parts.

New WIP photos of Bonny Anne bust by Kabuki Models


During the next week we will show you pictures of the finished Bonny Anne bust, second release in our 1/8 busts range.
And for the delight of will be offered with the "double breasts" option, with corset and with bare breasts (we listened to your requests)!

Now we want to share with you some progress made on her face...lovely smirk isn't? :)

Statuesque Miniatures Heroic Scale Female Heads now with Berets

Phew! It's been a fair old wait, but I've finally received castings of the new Heroic Scale Female Heads - Berets set from Statuesque Miniatures! For various reasons production took much longer than usual, but much to my great relief (and to all those who have been asking after them) they are on sale and ready to go.

Designed to allow you to convert your heroic scale figures, the Heroic Scale Female Heads - Berets set features ten female heads each sporting fetching military-style berets.

Priced at £4.75 per set, there are the usual discounts for buying multiple sets. Head over to the Statuesque Miniatures Online Store to grab your heads now!

Another item that has been keenly anticipated is the restock of the Heroic Scale Female Heads set. I last restocked this item mid-January and promptly sold out of what would normally last three months in three weeks!

A lot of people have been waiting for this restock but don't worry, I ordered significantly more than usual so hopefully it will last long enough for me to get yet more in. To be sure of not missing out, get over to the Online Store!

American Republic Armour in 15mm New from Brigade Models

One of the forces in our 6mm range that has never really been properly represented in 15mm (apart from a couple of odd tanks) is the American Republic. As you may have seen on our blog recently, we’ve got round to rectifying this at last with seven brand new vehicles and variants.

The two existing models, the Curtiss Heavy Tank and Kochte BT have both been replaced by brand new sculpts, and we've added the Baumann MICV and Oldmann light tank plus several variants.

All are available singly, and the Curtiss, Kochte and Oldmann are also available in discounted Platoon Packs of three vehicles, stowage and crew.

SF15-202 – Curtiss Heavy Tank – £9.00
SF15-203 – Baumann MICV – £8.00
SF15-203a – Baumann AA – £8.00
SF15-203b – Baumann w/missile turret – £8.00
SF15-206 – Oldmann Light Tank – £5.00
SF15-206a – Oldmann w/missile turret – £5.00
SF15-208 – Kochte MBT – £8.00
PP15-202 – Curtiss Platoon Pack – £26.00
PP15-206 – Oldmann Platoon Pack – £14.00
PP15-208 – Kochte Platoon Pack – £23.00

If you’re outside the EU, remember that you don’t need to pay VAT – so the price you pay is only 5/6ths of that shown above, which should go some way towards offsetting the postage costs.

Mad Robot Releases Heavy Weapons

Woohoo! New release Friday is back! Today we announce the release of our Heavy Weapons and HW Teams.

Three different weapons to choose from and the teams are TOTAL MIX & MATCH with all the bits we sell. There is also a price break at 3 or more teams.