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TGN Sunday Snippets

Well... Saturday's over. At least for me, that means changing the "carefree, do-what-you-want" attitude is replaced by a "determined, get things done around the house" one. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and, of course, bringing you some bite-sized stories for you to munch on.

In today's grouping we have: Plain Bases Now Available From Anvil Industry, Heart of Crown Coming to Kickstarter January 26th, Siren Miniatures Previews Maestro, The Wargaming Company Announces New 1812 Napoleonic Campaign Guide, and Toad King Castings website launched.

Plain Bases Now Available From Anvil Industry


This is probably the least exciting product we've ever released, so feel free to go crazy with ironic comments, likes and shares!

NEW - Plain Plastic Bases! Various Sizes! Great for err... sticking to the bottom of almost any miniature!!

"I'm going to buy thousands of these new Plastic Bases from Anvil Industry! I'm so excited" - Aristotle

Heart of Crown Coming to Kickstarter January 26th

Heart of Crown

This means WAR!!!! Back Princess General Flamaria for succession of the throne! Heart of Crown is coming to Kickstarter January 26th!!!

Siren Miniatures Previews Maestro

Trouble Makers are coming! Meet Maestro
They are almost finished! They will be really tiny and really cute. Hope you like them
Let us know what you think.

The Wargaming Company Announces New 1812 Napoleonic Campaign Guide


The Wargaming Company, LLC announces their first Napoleonic Campaign Guide: Master of the World, 1812 in Russia, Phase One: The Invasion.

One Campaign, Nine Scenarios, 27 maps, 300+ uniform plates, nearly 200 pages. Individual briefings for the game host and each army for every campaign, including custom maps, historical context, and victory conditions.

Compatible with almost any tabletop Napoleonic wargame.

Pre-Orders available now, Shipping in Spring.

Toad King Castings website launched

Toad King

Following last years successful Warts and Wings! kickstarter campaign Toad King Castings now has an online website and store. Here you'll find a small selection of 28mm fantasy miniatures and scenery items from UK sculptor Iain Colwell. Over the coming month the ranges will be expanded will all new fantasy sculpts for RPG and tabletop battle gaming.