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TGN Sunday Snippets

It seems that for most, this long weekend has been a rather rainy one (I know I've had plenty of plans altered by the skies opening up and dumping down rain everywhere). I hope you're keeping dry and safe out there. Might just want to play some games inside. Or you could do like me and cook something. I've got Italian Beef in the crock pot and even though Christmas was several days ago, I decided to make another fruitcake (I enjoyed the first one so much and had enough leftover ingredients).

Speaking of bite-size morsels, let's get you some bite-size stories for your Sunday.

Today we have: Deathball v1.5 Released, Polyversal 6mm Sci-Fi Miniatures System Kickstarter Teaser Posted, New Dice Trays from Tectonic Craft Studios, and Infamy Miniatures Running Goblin Chieftain Kickstarter.

Deathball v1.5 Released


Hello miniature sports fans,

Today we have a fairly hefty update to Dreadball. Over the past few months we have been looking at ways to create an even smoother and more enjoyable version of the game, and finally have come up with v1.5.

Polyversal 6mm Sci-Fi Miniatures System Kickstarter Teaser Posted

Collins Epic Wargames has announced that their 6mm Sci-Fi Miniatures system will be on Kickstarter in January. Check out the teaser trailer for the KS.

Polyversal is an upcoming 6mm gaming system designed by Ken Whitehurst and is compatible with everything 6mm. It will include a design tool to create your own “combatant tiles” for use with the game. Collins Epic Wargames is also working with 6 manufacturers to create boxed versions that include an assortment of miniatures with professionally made tiles in addition to the rules.

New Dice Trays from Tectonic Craft Studios

Dice Tray

This dice tray is sleek, functional, and affordable to keep dice within arms reach and not bouncing through your miniatures and board games.

Dice not included. Not responsible for dice results rolled while using this product.

Infamy Miniatures Running Goblin Chieftain Kickstarter

Goblin Chieftain

One Shots is a new and limited edition range from Infamy Miniatures, created with some simple goals in mind:

* make amazing new models for collectors and painters
* explore what can be done in non-steampunk genres
* push for quality in every way possible, from initial concept all the way to the casting
* involve a community in the design and production process of the releases.

One Shot Number One, the Goblin Chieftain, is Infamy's first fantasy miniature, sculpted in stunning detail by Valentin Zak.

Test casts are made, they look great and production is ready to go. If the £2,500 campaign total is reached the models will be cast as high-quality resin kits, packed into bespoke boxes with a hand-numbered art card (and other goodies) and shipped out to backers in 2016.