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TGN Sunday Snippets

Busy preparations this weekend. It's the week of Christmas and so I'm a busy little baking bear. Yesterday was brownies, two batches of chocolate chip cookies, and a batch of caramel-filled dark-chocolate-chip cookies. Today I've got four more types I'm planning on making. Did I mention being busy? So it's just a quick stop in here to get you some bite-sized stories for you to nosh on while I work on things for people to nosh on at the office this week.

Today's stories include: Doublesix Dice now available to the public, Name Left Hand Miniatures January 2016 Releases Contest, and Khurasan releases15mm Modern Israelis.

Doublesix Dice now available to the public


Doublesix Dice has launched its e-commerce site selling the full range of premium 12-sided dice numbered 1-6 twice. 12-sided Triplefours and 12-sided Fate/Fudge dice are also available. Standard and Limited Editions include flat, glossy, and marble in a range of colors.

Doublesix Dice began with a successful Kickstarter campaign which was supported by nearly 7,000 passionate backers and raised $133,000.

Name Left Hand Miniatures January 2016 Releases Contest


Left Hand Miniatures is starting a new line… CB’s Imaginings!

What will be the theme of this new line? We don’t know!

We are at the whim of the sculptor, C. Bradford Gorby, who has sculpted for Ral Partha, AEG Clan Wars, TAG Children of the Nile and other manufacturers. We have no idea what miniatures he will send us next.

Therefore, in celebration of the first five miniatures we are releasing in this line, we are having a “Name the Miniatures” contest.

The rules are simple: You may enter as many times as you like. Make sure you include the letter of the miniatures you are naming. Names must be family friendly. One name will be chosen for each miniature. The deadline for entries is Midnight EST (UTC-5), January 17, 2016.

Khurasan releases15mm Modern Israelis

We are very pleased to release our latest range of Modern Middle East figurines, the infantry of the Israeli Defense Force. These models are suitable starting in the mid-90s, upon the adoption of the very baggy mitznefet helmet cover, which is intended to break up the regular curvature of the helmet. It is very commonly worn but not all soldiers use it all the time, so some models have been made without it.

Each figurine is provided with an optional backpack. The troops often leave their packs in the APC but they can often be seen wearing them -- in Lebanon in 2006 they were frequently worn.

There are three codes available. One set has the Tavor rifle, which has been used since the mid 2000s and has been increasingly widely adopted. Another has the M16 (usually very heavily rebuilt, often to resemble the US M4 version) to cover the army up to 2007 or so, but that rifle is still in frequent use. The third set has heavier weapons and includes four figurines with the Negev and one each with the Shipon and B-300 rocketlauncher.

Available now.